Order processing not working

04.10.2011 03:50
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Name: Paul Jacobson
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Order processing not completing

I am running with the paypal sandbox.
I am using the "without registration" mode.
The orders are getting processed and the paypal emails are appearing in the sandbox. The sandbox shows that the transaction completes and returns me to the site where the cart is empty and the message "thank you for your order" appears. HOWEVER,
there are NO orders shown in the orders table in administrative interface.
In the statistics, all orders are shown as pending.
Information is appearing in the orders table but it is not showing in the orders interface in the administrative backside until I click search.
Is there a way of getting the payment recorded automatically in the orders table?

Joomla: 1.7
JoomShopping: 3.2.7
PHP: 5.3.8
MySQL: 5.1.56-log
Website Url: www.metunited.ca/jmv2test1/

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