Shipping Prices Not showing/Working

06.10.2011 12:18
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Name: Peter Carr
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Shipping Prices Not showing/Working

I have been asked by a client to have the shipping set up in a way that means it would cost £1 for the first item and £0.50 for each item after that. I figure the only way to do that is to set each item as a set weight and have the shipping prices set as from weight x -> Y price = £1 and from weight Y -> Z price = £1.50 and so on. However, I have set this up but I can't see anywhere how much the shipping is costing in the cart or checkout. Is this something that can be easily changes (i.e I have set something up wrong) or does it not show price of shipping at all? I can't see it in the cart or when I click on the checkout button. Any help on this would be appreciated.

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