Shipping in USA only: Solution

17.01.2012 02:59
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Shipping in USA only: Solution

This is not a simple fix, but a fix it is just the same.

Problem: I only ship to customers in the 50 United States. Shipping rates vary based on weight from origin to destination (state). As most of you know, Joomshopping only allows configuring shipping rates per country.

Solution: joomshopping does allow adding or deleting countries from the list through options. So here is how I configured my site to produce shipping rates for each state that I ship to.

Step #1: deleted every country in the option area in the administrator area for the joomshopping component. This includes deleting whatever home country you are in.

Step #2: add every state/province through the countries section in the options area of the joomshopping component in the backend. To do multiple countries, an admin could add country name - province state. You will need to add a three digit abbreviation and a two digit abbreviation, ie Alabama is ALA and the AL. Repeat this for every place you will ship to. This step makes every state / province appear in the drop-down under "country". It also is linked to shipping rates.

Step #3: I de-selected the field "state" in the fields registration area under configuration in the backend. This keeps the state field from showing.

Step #4: With FTP, open and edit the file in the Lang/en-GB or whatever language you are using. Be sure that you are using an editor that allows saving the file as utf-8 without BOM. BabelPad is perfect for this and free. Change the parameter listed as "country" to read "State" or whatever you want it to read. Repost the file to your site.

Step #5: now you can add shipping rates. The great thing about ups is that states lie within zones. Know the zones and group the states into those zones. All of the shipping methods can be called UPS ground or whatever you want. Then assign shipping rates to that with the states you have assigned to that specific method.

You are done. When a customer enters their delivery address. They will select their state and that will pull the appropriate rate based on weight or even just a flat rate if you choose.

It is tedious adding the rates since their is not clone feature with joomshopping, but hopefully grouping will limit that issue.

I hope this helps.

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