Discount coupon in checkout

06.08.2012 16:32
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Discount coupon in checkout

Hi guys, I have another question so i opened another thread, i hope this is the correct way in this forum.
I configured my site in this way, a customer during the checkout progress, can choose a payment method: PayPal or delivery payment.
The problem is that when a customer buy something in my site, using a discount code for all the price amount, if he choose a PayPal method the system send the customer to PayPal for a transition of 0€ and PayPal dosen't accept it. If the customer choose the delivery payment, the system return me (the admin) a pending payment, though he has paid the order with discount code.
To solve this problem i need to insert another payment system? How can i skip the PayPal payment if the discount code is sufficient to pay the order?
Thanks for you time. Bye!

06.08.2012 21:41
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Aw: Discount coupon in checkout

Not possible.

Need create plugin.


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