shipping not calculating

08.07.2013 19:32
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shipping not calculating

I have to say, that I love JoomShopping. You guys did an awesome job. With that being said, I have a slight problem. Let me give you specifics first.

I am running joomla 3.1.1 and joomshipping version 4.2.2

I have put this on a test server. You can access this by going to I have a total of 4 products. 3 of these products are Universal holders and have the same shipping costs. The 4th product is tape. They are as follows.
Universal Holders
1 pc = weight 1 oz shipping cost 2.86
2 pc = weight 2 oz shipping cost 3.56

For each additional piece ordered the shipping would increase by 70 cents.

This all works fine. If I don't add any other products with different shipping costs.
It is when I add the tape product that things go funny during check out.

for the tape, this is the configuration

1 pc = weight .01 oz shipping cost 1.00
2 pcs = weight .02 oz shipping cost 2.00

Here is the problem.

During check out, if a customer selects one tape then selects one universal holder, the shipping costs only show the shipping rate of the tape and not a combined shipping cost of both the universal holder and the tape.

If the customer firsts selects the universal holder then the tape, the shipping cost total is only for the universal holder.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you so very much.

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