Can't progress past payment method

28.12.2013 01:02
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Can't progress past payment method

When I am going through the check-out process in the front end, everything goes well until I get to payment method. The only payment method I get my users to select is Paypal. So when the users clicks the Next button the page doesn't change. It seems that the radio button for paypal although from a GUI perspective appears to be ticked, it actually isn't. The user need to select the paypal radio button in order to click on the next button. It seems only to happen when you allow the users to only select one payment type.

The issue is that users don't realise they have to select the radio button as it appears to be already selected.

Is it possible to make the payment method either blank so they users know they still need to select it or force set it in the background so they can just click next. Second option is obviously the prefered method.

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