converting joomla 2.5 plugin to joomla 3

10.01.2014 00:37
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Name: Hadi
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Help me for converting joomla 2.5 plugin to joomla 3

I am very very glad for using joomshopping.
Some times ago, somebody wrote a free payment plugin for joomshopping and I can't find him.
This plugin could connect to one of iranian bank.
I want install it in joomla 3 But it only install in joomla 2.5 :(
I attached this plugin. Please help us for convert this plugin to joomla 3 and use.

Joomla: 3.2.1 Stable
JoomShopping: 4.4.0
PHP: 5.3.27
MySQL: 5.1.65
Website Url: local

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