Special price Time

29.01.2016 21:56
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Special price Time

Addon Special price Time 2.2.3

1. Displays whether the countdown on the product page?

2. Will it work with dependent attributes?

3. What happens when the countdown ends?

4. Is it possible to publish the module with countdown for specific products?

5. For example, I introduce a 5% discount and JoomShopping should display the auction price, taking into account this discount? Is this possible? (see screenshot)

Special price Time

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01.02.2016 09:28
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Aw: Special price Time

1. Yes
2. Only 1 price for all atribute. (Auction price)
3. You will see text "Finished!" and defult price
4. Yes. Example - module label (set label sale for products with 'Auction price')
5. No. Possible only price

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