Predefined amount

28.10.2012 12:32
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Predefined amount

Good afternoon,

I am using the joomshopping component for a client ( joomla 1.5) and i have a question about solving an issue with a product.

If a customer wants 99 meters of rope and the pieces of rope are 5 meters of length each then i want OR a notification where the customers has to fill in an amount of meters that is a multiple of 5meters OR i want the Joomshoppning component to calculate the right amount of meters of rope.

So if a customer fills in 99 meters the system should give an error message that the amount of rope has te be X time 5 meters.

Is this possible and if so , is there a plugin that can do this.


Joomla: Jooml 1.5.26
JoomShopping: 2.9.7
28.10.2012 20:27
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Aw: Predefined amount

Not possible.

Only special programming for you.


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