Issue reward add on

02.10.2014 14:44
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Issue reward add on

Hi there,

On a website of one of our customers we are using the reward addon. There seems to be a strange issue with the addon. I will try to explain as clear as possible.

When someone places an order they get 3% of the order amount as reward. So lets say someone orders for €96,65 they get 96,65 points which have a value of € 2,89

Now next time when they place an order they get to see a couponcode and a button to change this into a discount, when clicking on the code the discount is taken form the order amount. So far so good.

Now they decide not to use the discount and switch the discount back to points with the button available. Then they get to see the 96,65 points again. This also seems fine.

However, when they then again click the button for a couponcode the system does not recognize the points anymore and they can not get a couponcode or discount.

I have investigated this issue as far as possible and discovered what the problem is, i just do not know if this is a problem in the addon or otherwise.

Lets explain.

When receiving the first reward points they get saved in the database table _jshopping_users under the field reward. The value there will then show 96.650000 which can be seen as 2 digits behind the comma.

After changing the couponcode back into points the value suddenly reads something like 96.655550

Now the reward addon can not read this number (points) anymore to change them into the discount.Seems like, when there are more then 2 digits behind the comma that the system gets confused.

Sidenote!! We have changed the value which is send with the shipping costs because here it was possible to generate more then 2 digits behind the comma which was something Icepay could not work with. However, to our knowledge this should in no way interfeer with the reward addon.

With regards,


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