Exchange Reward/Discount during cancelation of payment is not correctly handle

02.03.2015 12:41
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Exchange Reward/Discount during cancelation of payment is not correctly handle

We have the Reward-addon on Jshopping installed and configurated.

We have set the status "Verzonden" as the moment the system should allocate the reward to the user. We think the proces is not working properly in the case user exchanges his reward for a discount and canceling his payment.

At this moment When a customer orders, checkout and pays for a product in the webshop, the reward is being alocated when we select and used the status "Verzonden".
The tables jshopping_history_reward is correctly updated at the moment of selecting and using the status "Verzonden". Also the balence for this user is correctly update.
This proces is working correct.

However this is different story when you are using a discount and you cancel the payment. In the case the user want to use the reward for a discount.
At the moment the customer orders a product and go to checkout proces and fills in the rewards point for the discount, the jshopping_histroy_reward is already updated;
the used rewards is already subtracted from the balence and registrated in the table jshopping_history_reward.

This is not the real problem.
The real problem arises when the user cancel the payment.The order is canceled, but the discount is not canceled.
SO the user doesn't get back his reward in case he cancels the payment.
The balance and the table jshopping_history_reward is not updated to register this cancellation of his payment.

The webshop is located at

Joomla: 3.3
JoomShopping: 4.4
PHP: 5.5.20
MySQL: 5.1.73
Website Url:

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