Label Multilanguage Image

05.03.2015 20:03
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Label Multilanguage Image


First, congratulations for this enjoyable and highly flexible extension of Joomla!

I am running my multilingual (fr+en) webstore since last december, and would be first interested in some addons related to labels:
- label multilingual images
- product multilabel
- product auto label

Have some questions, before buying :
1/ are these 3 addons compatible with each other ?
2/ product multilabel:
2.a/ could several labels be positionned in the same location (ex: bottom-left) and displayed simultaneously one after another (like with actual free multilabel) ?
2.b/ could labels be ordered (predefined) in label list (instead of ordering by ID) ?
3/ product auto label:
3.a/ is the time of "new" auto-label configurable (20, 30, 40 days) ?
3.b/ how is the "sale" auto-label given to product ? when "old price" is used in product ?

Joomla: 3.3.6
JoomShopping: 4.6.1
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12.03.2015 21:10
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Aw: Label Multilanguage Image

New version
Product multiLabel 1.1.6
addad compatible with each other.

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