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Notice price reduction

Notice price reduction

How it works:
1. Your visitors click on 'Notice price reduction' (screenshot 1).
2. Followers are notified whenever the prices reduction via Email.

Warning: Works only after changing the main price of the goods (but not attributes)

Domain* http://
Enter here the domain name to be created on which the Lizenkey.
Note that it is not possible to transfer the license to another domain.
* Required

Price: 28.84 EUR (Price depends on the country. Please log in)
  Compatibility Joomla: 3.x+
  Compatibility JoomShopping: 4.16.0 +
  Installation: Joomshopping (Components / JoomShopping / Install & Update)
Product files list (Versions):
Notice price reduction 1.0.1
Notice price reduction 1.0.2
Notice price reduction 1.0.3
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