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Quick edit products

Fields product:
Title, Alias, Product code, Short description, Description, META title, META keywords, META description, Category, Manufacturer, Amount of product in stock, Unlimited, Price, Old price, Price per consignment, Currency, Weight (Kg), Access, Template, Tax, Delivery time, Label, weight / volume / units (Basic price), Unit of measure (Basic price), URL, Published

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Price: 38.11 EUR (Price depends on the country. Please log in)
  Compatibility Joomla: 2.5 - 3.x
  Compatibility JoomShopping: 3.19.2 / 4.7.1 or higher
  Installation: Joomshopping (Components / JoomShopping / Install & Update)
Product files list (Versions):
Quick edit products 1.0.5
Quick edit products 1.1.0 (JoomShooping 4.18.0+)
Quick edit products 1.1.1 (JoomShooping 4.18.0+)
Quick edit products 1.1.2 (JoomShooping 4.18.0+)

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