Version History Joomshopping 1.0


Fixed bug by refresh count products in cart
Fixed bug in top panel of shop when without_shipping=1
Fixed bug with checkDeliveryadress.
Fixed bug with images in attribute.
Fixed serious bug with saving products, categories and so on when magic_quotes_gpc = 1 (only in Joomla 1.5)
Changed work with language (no dependence of Joomfish)
Correct work pathway on 1.5.
Change work with languages
Correct bug with shipping methods (bug was on install with country Iraq).
Correct work in adminarea with 2 identical coupons code
Correct work with coupon publish
Correct work with shipping sum tax
Correct advanced search(bug with pagination)
Correct work with PHP 5.3.0
Correct bug with search and pagination in Joomla 1.5
Fixed other bugs

Correct bug with Javascript add value attribut to product and change status for order
Correct bug with price and attribut =
Correct bug with output order number in admiarea
Correct show product in order (adminarea)
Correct bug with without shipping (checkbox cannot deactivate)

Correct bug with showing manufacturers  by adminarea
Correct bug with advanced search
Correct showing pagination in adminarea for products
Correct bug with mysql > 5.0.12 and values in adminarea

Correct bug with save description products
Compatibility with JCK Editor (before was Problem with function addEvent and visual editor JCK not worked)
Correct bug on registration with exists e-mail (in Joomla 1.5)
Correct bug with adding product in cart (firstly)
Correct bug with Paypal
Correct bug with Itemid on step=2
Correct bug with Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated in PHP
Correct but with page manufacturers - show product more in first exemplyar
Add module best products

Added in preview product can short_description look.
Correct bug with duplicate rows in table jshopping_users


Correct bug with date in Joomla 1.5
Correct bug with select parent category
Correct bug with sort categories and products
Correct bug with module categories in Joomla 1.5

Correct work with Joomfish 2.0

Correct bug with attributes and values

Correct but with usergroups

Can product copy
Search in adminarea product.


Correct bug with upload gif and png files.

Correct bug with non publish Produkt and total

Add usergroups (Discount on Product)
Add logo for manufacturers
Correct bug with Nettoprice

Correct bug with unpublish shipping methods

Correct bug with saveproduct and checkboxes
Ability not show price and show formular
Ability more prices write

Correct bug with language in Joomla 1.5 (mit backward)

Correct bug with bad encoding, when e-mail send to admin and user
Correct bug with multilingual attributes and values

Correct bug with saveConfig - bug with defaultLanguage
Correct bug with saveProduct - bug with saving images, if value - save by config

Correct bug with price and percent
Correct work with modules (no Warning)


Correct bug with saveAtrribute
correct bug with multilingual products
correct bug with related products
correct bug with orderAttribute

Correct bug with warning on install
add icons config in adminarea

Correct bug with icon Panel
correct bug with related products(when multilanguage)
Correct bug with panel in administrator area
Added in module manufacturers type list for output links

Correct bug with Taxes (when not integer value)

korrigiert bug mit preisen

Version 1.0.6

korrigiert Bug insertTempCart
Problem mit zip 11111xx korrigiert
Jetzt auch Steuersatz 0% möglich

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