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Latest Sold Products

List of latest sold products

Nowadays a lot of people enjoy shopping online, allowing them to choose the right product priced at the right time and in a convenient form. Namely addon Latest Sold Products to the buyer will learn the history of the sale of the store and take for himself the final decision to purchase it. Perhaps it is this product and was interested in finding a buyer in stores. For the purpose of customer care, information on past goods sold is displayed at the store.

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Preis: 14.00 EUR (Die Mehrwertsteuer ist abhängig vom Land. Bitte loggen Sie sich ein)
  Compatibility Joomla: 1.5 - 3.x
  Compatibility JoomShopping: 2.5.2 / 3.0.0 / 4.0.0 or higher
  Installation: Joomla (Extensions / Install)
Product files list (Versions):
Latest Sold Products 2.5.0 (JoomShopping 2.5.0 or higher)
Latest Sold Products 3.0.1 (JoomShopping 3.0.0 or higher)
Latest Sold Products 3.3.0 (JoomShopping 3.3.0 or higher)
Latest Sold Products 3.4.0 (JoomShopping 3.3.0 / 4.0.0 or higher), (Joomla 2.5 / 3.x)
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